Amateur radio club holds field day in Carbonear

Published on July 22, 2014
Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub members, from left, VO1 CDF Don Fraize, VO1 ROS Ross Trickett, president VO1 EGH George Hopkins and VO1 RYN Mike Ryan pose for a photo during the club's annual field day in Carbonear June 28-29. These four were just a few of the 10 ham radio operators who took part in the day.
Submitted photo

Amateur radio operators had their day in the sun late last month.


The Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub held its annual amateur field day at the Island Charter Tours building in Carbonear June 28-29.

Just under a dozen operators took part in the event, which ran for 24-hours from 3:30 p.m. Saturday till 3:30 p.m on Sunday.

These 10 ham radio operators used only generatd power for the time they were making contact with hundreds of similar users worldwide.

This is done because generated power would be the only such source of power during emergency situations.

Using the call sign VO1 BRK, operators used a variety of radios and antennas to do their work.

Ham operators often provide the first means of communication in emergencies or natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms and floods, .

Many people dropped by out of curiosity to see how the operations worked.

Local HAMS attending this years event were club president VOI EGH George Hopkins, VO1 RYN Mike Ryan, VO1 CDF Don Fraize, VO1 WCT Bill Torraville, VO1CWP Curtis Pynn VO1 NC Barry Harris, VO1 ROS Ross Trickett, VO1 COD Dave Parsons, VO1 VB Dean Penney and VO1 CBS Boyd Snow.