No confirmed link between Cupids search and North River homicide

Police being tight-lipped regarding search of motorcycle club in Cupids

Melissa Jenkins
Published on July 7, 2014
The Vikings' Clubhouse in Cupids was searched on June 5.
Photo by Terry Roberts

The RCMP is refusing to make a connection between a homicide in North River last week and a police search at the Vikings motorcycle club’s clubhouse in the town of Cupids July 5.

However, The Compass confirmed the officer in charge of the RCMP’s major crime unit in Eastern Newfoundland was on scene. Officers with the RCMP forensic unit and a police service dog were also involved.

Items were seen being removed from the clubhouse, which is located along the Conception Bay Highway, near the intersection of Sea Forest Drive, and officers were observed dusting for fingerprints. A ground search was also carried out around the building.

The owner of the clubhouse was also observed outside talking with officers.

Staff Sgt. Boyd Merrill informed The Compass this afternoon (July 7), “There have been no comments from any RCMP personnel (about) this past weekends’ event...”

At least eight RCMP vehicles surrounded the clubhouse for the search.

“I am not sure how anyone could make any association to other files,” Merrill said.

North River resident Dale Porter died of serious injuries in a June 29 incident outside his home, but few details have been made public. His funeral took place Saturday, July 6 at the Pentecostal Church in Port de Grave.

A media release was issued today to confirm “considerable police resources” are being used “in order to bring the matter to a resolution.”

“Investigations such as this are time consuming due to their complexity,” the release said.

No other details have been released on either investigation.

“Our primary goal in any investigation is to preserve investigational integrity,” Merrill said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact their local police station, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or