Location selected for Shearstown mailboxes

Nicholas Mercer nmercer@cbncompass.ca
Published on August 22, 2014
Canada Post is moving its mailboxes in Shearstown after learning Bradbury's Superette, where the some 700 boxes were housed, will be closing.
Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

The mail delivery picture in Shearstown and Butlerville has gotten a little clearer today.

Representatives from Canada Post and Bay Roberts Town Council met last night to clear up any confusion regarding where residents would pick up their mail this week.

“There was some good dialogue,” said Bay Roberts Mayor Philip Wood. “It was a good, frank discussion.”

After the meeting on Aug. 21, a location has been set. Residents will pick up their mail on the North side of Shearstown along the river heading towards Goose Pond on new Hill Road. The location is close to where the original post office was located.

A change was necessary after the owner’s of Bradbury’s began the process of closing its doors earlier this summer. As a result, Canada Post was given 90 days to find a suitable fix.

Early this week there had been some mixed signals in regards to where some 700 community mailboxes would be located. Two possible locations given were Brook Road in Butlerville and Reid’s Road in Shearstown.

Prior to the meeting, the mayor expressed concern about the time frame and the lack of information about Canada Post’s plan to accommodate residents in Shearstown and Butlerville.

Once Canada Post had better explained the issues to council, both parties set about deciding a spot for the mailboxes.

Accessibility was a big reason why the Shearstown location was chosen. There is ample room for residents to park their cars, get their mail and turn around.

“We think its accessible and we think its safe,” said Wood.

The decision came at the 11th hour for both groups as Canada Post were scheduled to deliver mail to those new boxes today.

Wood said the town plans to monitor the situation going forward.