Carbonear seal pup possibly pelted with rocks

Call to RCMP prompts warning from DFO not to disturb marine mammals

Melissa Jenkins
Published on February 11, 2015

This seal pup has been hanging around Carbonear for the past few days.

©Photo by Melissa Jenkins/The Compass

A seal pup that has spent the past few days around Carbonear Pond appears to be in good health after the RCMP received a call he was being pelted with rocks.

The call came in yesterday afternoon when the complainant said someone or multiple people were throwing rocks at the small seal. Officers responded, but there was no one throwing rocks when they arrived.

Officers contacted DFO, leaving the situation in the hands of the department’s fisheries officers.

“Fishery officers have checked several times on a seal that has come ashore a number of times since last weekend in Carbonear. It was last seen approximately 10 a.m. today making its way back into the ocean,” said a spokesperson for DFO.

Fisheries officers did not witness anyone throwing rocks at the seal either, and confirmed he looked healthy.

The department is warning those who may have thrown rocks at this or any other seal that “it is illegal to disturb a marine mammal.”

“We encourage the public to contact a local DFO office or Crime Stoppers to report any incident of disturbing marine mammals. Any pictures or video of an incident can also be sent to the department.”

The young seal has become an attraction for many locals, some saying they have never seen a seal in person before. Dozens of photos have been making rounds on social media.

The pup was still hanging out on an ice flow in the pond as of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.