Plenty of interest in vacant Spaniard's Bay fire department positions

Town brings in 34 applications to re-man brigade

Nicholas Mercer
Published on February 15, 2016
Spaniard's Bay fire department

Spaniard’s Bay took another step to repair its damaged fire department last week.

When the 4 p.m. deadline passed last Friday for applications to restock the beleaguered brigade, just under three dozen men and women had submitted their names for consideration.

Of the 34 applications at the municipal building in Spaniard’s Bay, there is a mixture of new faces and former firefighters.

“There’s certainly some interest there,” Mayor Tony Menchions told The Compass Monday.

The Conception Bay North town was left without a department after the majority of the town’s firefighters stepped away from their duties in support of former councillor Sherri Collins, who tendered her resignation after accusing Coun. Brenda Seymour of harassing her. Collins was council's liaison with the department.

Seymour, the lone female firefighter in the brigade, levelled allegations of sexual harassment and mistreatment against members of the department. She has also denied harassing Collins.


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Spaniard’s Bay must now sift through the names they have in front of them in order to return its fire department to the level it once was. Bay Roberts and Upper Island Cove fire departments are presently serving the town on an emergency basis.