Carbonear roads undamaged as rough seas torment town

Published on February 15, 2017

The Town of Carbonear cut off access to Beach Road Tuesday as strong waves sent debris flying over the breakwater.


There were some tense moments Tuesday morning in Carbonear as the high tide sent wave after wave into the breakwater protecting Beach Road.

A section of Lower Road near Taylor’s Beach was also closed to traffic Tuesday for a few hours.

Taylor’s Beach. The town cut off access to both roads for a few hours Tuesday due to storm activity. Debris washed onto the roads, including rocks.

“It was a high surge, and high tide was at 9:30 a.m., and both of that with the high winds,” noted Mayor George Butt Jr. “We closed it around 8 a.m. or so, more for safety then anything else. There was debris and rocks coming in over the breakwater, and also down on Taylor’s Beach, which has no breakwater.”

By 1 p.m., conditions improved enough for the town to reopen both roads to traffic.

“No damage to the roads or nothing like that,” said the mayor. “That happens every now and then when you get the right circumstances.”

An old-fashioned storm, I calls this. George Butt Jr.

The extended storm that started early Tuesday morning and extended well into Wednesday was a unique event as far as the mayor was concerned. He reckons this week’s snowstorm was the biggest Carbonear has experienced in quite some time.

“We had a lot of snow,” the mayor said. “We had a full crew out (Tuesday), and I think if anybody needed to get out, they could’ve gotten out. But it was good that most places closed so it gave the boys a chance to do their work … An old-fashioned storm, I calls this.”


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The snow does at least have decent timing when it comes to the town’s winter carnival, which is scheduled to start Thursday and continue throughout this weekend. It features several snow-themed contests and events. Full details about WinterFest 2017 can be found on the town’s website.