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Miss Teen Trinity-Conception, Junior Miss NL crowned

Melissa George (left) and Sarah Legge were crowned Junior Miss Newfoundland and Labrador and Miss Teen Trinity-Conception respectively.
Melissa George (left) and Sarah Legge were crowned Junior Miss Newfoundland and Labrador and Miss Teen Trinity-Conception respectively.

CARBONEAR, NL — This past Sunday saw two new faces crowned at the Miss Teen Trinity-Conception and Junior Miss Newfoundland and Labrador pageants.

The events, held at the Sheila NaGeira Theatre in Carbonear, saw Sarah Legge of Cavendish awarded with the Miss Teen Trinity-Conception crown, and Melissa George of Winterton with Junior Miss Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Compass caught up with both girls after the pageant to speak about their success, and what their future entails as title-holders.

Legge has been participating in pageants for the past four years, while George has three years under her belt. Both winners told The Compass how rewarding it felt to finally see their hard work over the years pay off.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of,” Legge explained. “Over the years, you meet so many great girls, and you end up looking up to them. It feels really amazing to be in that position now.”

“I’m the same way,” George added. “It’s a really good feeling to hear your name called, especially after being involved for so long.”

Now, as pageant winners, both Legge and George look forward to experiencing life as Miss Teen Trinity-Conception and Junior Miss NL respectively.

“When I was younger, these girls were role models to me. They were what I wanted to be when I grew up, and now, here I am,” said Legge. “Now I’m in a position where young girls will look up to me. I’m excited to be in that position, and hopefully I’m able to be a good role model.”

Leading up to the big night, the girls took part in various activities, including photoshoots, interviews, videos, as well as party with a 1980s theme.

“Before the pageant, we all stayed in the Bay Roberts Hotel together, so it really helped us all get to know each other,” said George. “The interviews and photoshoots were really fun, and I think it really helped me prepare for my role as Junior Miss.”

Emma Mercer of Carbonear was awarded the STAND for Hannah award. This is the first year this award has been given out.

Alongside the crowning of Miss Teen and Junior Miss, several other awards were given out on the night of the pageant. This included Junior Miss Friendship (Alleigha Mahoney), Junior Miss Photogenic (Emily Durocher), Junior Miss Talent (Melissa George), First Impression award (Emberley Smallwood), Public Speaking award (Kassidy Farrell), Red Carpet Award (Melissa George), the Dawn Butt Memorial Award (Sarah Pitcher), Miss Teen Friendship (Destiny Reid), Miss Teen Photogenic (Kyleigh Gear), People’s Choice (Sarah Legge), and a Public Speaking award (Emma Mercer).

This was also the first year for the STAND for Hannah award, in honour of Hannah Thorne, who was killed in a fatal accident along the New Harbour Barrens in 2016. The award came with a sash, as well as a ring and pair of sunglasses similar to those worn by Thorne. Alongside this, the winner received free enrolment for a driving program through Strong Drivers. The award was given to Emma Mercer of Carbonear.

“It just really means a lot to me, to be able to say I’m Miss Teen Trinity-Conception. It’s something I’ve been working towards for years, and it’s still a little unimaginable, knowing I’ve made it,” said Legge.  

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