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MP Judy Foote not leaving position as Minister of Public Services and Procurements

MP Judy Foote.
MP Judy Foote.

MP Judy Foote is not leaving her position as Minister of Public Services and Procurements, despite rumors and speculation to the contrary. 

"Nothing has changed with her status," said Stephanie Cumben, an assistant to Foote.

Foote took an indefinite leave of absence from her Cabinet position in April due to family reasons, but remained active in her role as Member of Parliament for Bonavista-Burin-Trinity.

Cumben says that nothing has changed since Foote took her leave of absence, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's blessing, back in April.

"Nothing has changed with her situation.  It’s the same as when the Prime Minister announced it in April,” said Cumben.

Cumben added if Foote were to officially step down from the cabinet position, she would come forward with that information.

Foote spoke with Saltwire Media on Thursday, July 27, regarding her decision to request the leave of absence form her cabinet position so she could be closer to her family in Newfoundland during a family member's illness. 

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