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Paul Brazil to fill mayor's seat in Spaniard's Bay

["Spaniard's Bay Deputy Mayor Paul Brazil."]
["Spaniard's Bay Deputy Mayor Paul Brazil."]

SPANIARD'S BAY, NL — There will be a mixture of old faces and new ones when the Spaniard's Bay council reconvenes.

Paul Brazil was elected mayor Tuesday night, claiming the majority of votes with 764. Todd Crane, his next closest competition, had 445 votes. Tony Dominix, a veteran councillor, attracted 127 votes, while Hedley Fong earned 34.

In a highly competitive field for the remaining six council seats, only two incumbent councillors survived. Eric Jewer and Tracy Smith will both be back on council, and joining them will be Sherry Lundrigan, Paul Ryan, David Smith and Darlene Stamp. Stamp had the most votes out of all council candidates with 877. Tony Menchions, Brenda Seymour and Lewis Sheppard failed in their bids to return to council.

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