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Placentia mayoral candidate highlights vision for community

Bernard Power lost to current Mayor Wayne Power Jr. in 2013 by a total of four votes.
Bernard Power lost to current Mayor Wayne Power Jr. in 2013 by a total of four votes.

PLACENTIA, NL — Bernard Power is preparing for his second run at becoming the mayor of Placentia.

Power is facing up against previous mayoral rival Wayne Power Jr. (unrelated) in the upcoming 2017 municipal election. In 2013, both candidates vied for the same position, with Wayne coming out on top by no more than four votes.

Bernard said that running again this year represents both a commitment to himself, as well as his supporters.

“Last election, I came up short, and I committed to my supporters that I’d run again,” he said. “I still have the interest, knowledge, and strong stance that this town needs, and I’d like to have the opportunity to prove that.”

Power has over 20 years of experience as a member of council, dating back to his time as a councillor for the Town of Jerseyside before amalgamation. It was there that Power started his political career, moving on to serve four terms as a councillor with the amalgamated Town of Placentia.

Now, the eager politician has his sights set on the mayor’s chair – something he told The Compass he feels would suit him quite well.

“Having over 20 years as councillor, I’m familiar with all aspects of our town, and I have what it takes to lead our council,” said Power.

In an interview with The Compass, Power explained that one of his main concerns within the town is the community’s shrinking population. According to a 1994 census, Placentia had approximately 5,000 residents at that time. Today, Placentia is home to around 3,400 people.

“I’d like to see our town grow and develop, to make it more enticing to new families,” said Power. “We need to attract development and improve infrastructure throughout our community.”

When asked about his priorities as a potential mayor of Placentia, Power highlighted three main points of focus – improving municipal services, maximizing economic growth, and fiscal balance.

Specifically, Power mentioned the quality of water services for certain areas, such as Dunville. Power expressed concern with the state of disrepair of the treatment plant in the area, and continuous water runoff from Wyse’s Pond having a negative impact on water quality for residents.

“Looping into Clark’s Pond needs to be a top priority to give Dunville residents, and our school children, better water,” said Power.

In the same breath, Power said that there is still room for improvement at the Fox Harbour Road Landfill, going on to say that the facility should be more accessible to residents who wish to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Power also expressed a desire to involve himself in the town’s pool project, noting that he would like to, in the future, get the chance to review the facts and information required in moving the project forward. However, Power also highlighted an equal desire in ensuring that residents of Placentia were not negatively impacted by any future developments with the project.


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When it comes to Power’s third focus point, fiscal balance, he hoped to see council act responsibly and be accountable in day-to-day expenditures, while maintaining fair taxation.

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