BREAKING NEWS: Don Coombs seeing red

Former Harbour Grace mayor confirms he will seek Liberal nomination

Melissa Jenkins
Published on October 7, 2013

For the first time in 20 years Don Coombs will not be the mayor of Harbour Grace.

©Compass file photo

It looks like there could be some contention for the Liberal nomination in the Carbonear-Harbour Grace provincial byelection.

Former Harbour Grace mayor Don Coombs has confirmed he will be seeking election in the Carbonear-Harbour Grace provincial byelection, but not as a Progressive Conservative as most assumed.

“I have given it a lot of thought,” Coombs said in a phone interview with The Compass. “Everyone just jumped to the conclusion that I would be running as a PC. I have weighed my options, and I believe the Liberal party is where I should be.”

When Jerome Kennedy resigned from the PC caucus last week, he left an open spot in the Carbonear-Harbour Grace region, one that Coombs believes he can fill.

Last week, Olympic gold medallist and Harbour Grace native Jamie Korab announced he was considering running after being approached by the Liberal party. It is unknown at this time if he will still continue with his bid, but he is expected to release a statement later today (Oct. 7).

Korab has hired a company to do phone polls in the region to see if the support is there for him to run.

Coombs admitted he was a strong Tory supporter in the past, but his personal opinions and views on the provincial government have changed in the past two years.

“There has been a lot of support coming to me from all over the region,” he explained. “I really think I have made the right decision.”

“I believe it is important for someone who lives in this region to represent the people of this region.”

Meanwhile, Jack Harrington – former executive assistant to Jerome Kennedy – has confirmed he will seek the PC nod.

Many names have been rumoured to be running, but as of today there have been no official announcements, besides Coombs and Harrington.