Conche boaters encounter Killer whales

Adam Randell
Published on July 15, 2014

Conche resident Peter Flynn, and his daughter Tina, were sightseeing in boat yesterday, when a pod of Killer whales raised the 16-foot boat out of the water. They were able to get clear of the whales, only to be chased to shore.

Submitted photo

While photobombing humpback whales were making headlines across the country yesterday, a scarier story was unfolding outside of Conche, on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Peter Flynn, of Conche, and his daughter Tina were spending the day on the water taking pictures of icebergs and whale watching.

Flynn said they were heading home for the day, after seeing 15-20 whales feeding in the area, when off in the distance he spied what he thought to be a group of “squid hounds”, or dolphins.

They went to inspect and it turned out to be a pod of five Orca “Killer” whales.

“One went under the boat, then the boat started to slow down, then rise out of the water,” he said. “One was right along side of the boat, I could have put my hand out and touched him.”

In just a 16-foot speedboat, Flynn admitted that it made for a scary situation.

So he opened up his 40 h.p. motor to get away when the whales started to chase him.

It wasn’t until he was nearing shore that the pod let up on the chase.

They were able to get into Conche, without any damage to the boat, but the two were left a little rattled by the experience.

“I’ve been fishing all my life, and I’ve been around Killer whales before, but I’ve never experienced anything like that,” said the 41-year-old.

Tina said she won’t soon be forgetting the experience either.

As the boat was being raised out of the water, she said, “I saw water going everywhere, and where Dad was stood in the boat, there was a fin coming straight out of the water.

“It was scary.”