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Big winners in last night’s Chase the Ace in Eastport

There are some happy people in Gambo this morning as the winners of the guaranteed ace in Eastport’s Chase the Ace and 50-50 went to residents of that community.

Sisters Marilyn Wilkins and Frances Oram took home the top prize of $33,781.75 in the Chase the Ace and Len Collins won the 50-50 draw worth $2,795.

Tickets were being sold at two buildings - the Royal Canadian Legion and the Society of United Fishermen Hall – both were filled to the brim, with people waiting outside to purchase a ticket.

With approximately 14,000 tickets for sale, the event sold out 15 minutes short of the hour-and-a-half sales period.

 As a result of the fundraiser the Eastport Peninsula Benefit Fund committee raised $56,020.95. All funds raised will be used to help residents in need from the seven communities on the Peninsula offset medical and related travel expenses.

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