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Turning the Tide marine industry award recipients named in St. John's

Awards committee chairperson Paul Antle announced the inaugural winners for the Turning the Tide marine industry awards at the NRC Building on Arctic Avenue on MUN Campus this morning.
Awards committee chairperson Paul Antle announced the inaugural winners for the Turning the Tide marine industry awards at the NRC Building on Arctic Avenue on MUN Campus this morning.

The three recipients of the inaugural annual Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards were named today at the NRC Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Building on the Campus of Memorial University.

The awards will be handed out on April 5 — for Industry Leadership and Excellence Award, Award for Lifetime Achievement, and an Award of Historic Significance — at a gala reception at the St. John’s Convention Centre.

“These awards provide long overdue recognition of our marine industries and the economic value and stability that it has always provided to Newfoundland and Labrador, ” said Paul Antle, chairman of the Turning the Tide awards selection board, said in a news release.

The recipients are:

Industry Leadership and Excellence Award — Provincial Aerospace Group’s Maritime Surveillance Unit

Although many people know Provincial Aerospace as a diversified international aerospace and defence company, what has never been fully recognized has been their long history in maritime surveillance ranging from fisheries patrols to ice monitoring to interdiction, the comittee said.

“In making this selection it was their attention to quality, the depth, and breadth of their technological innovation and the many firsts in maritime surveillance worldwide that stood out.  The Provincial Aerospace Group is not only a leader in maritime surveillance here at home and in Canada but internationally and we are pleased to be recognizing the accomplishments of a great company and a generous corporate citizen,” the board said.  

Industry Lifetime Achievement Award — Pat Quinlan

Pat Quinlan has been involved in the fishing industry since 1954 when he and his brother began turning a small grocery and dry goods business in Bay de Verde into a fish processing operation. He is still the president of Quinlan Brothers — a family business that has grown into a multi-species player in the global fishing industry with almost 500 staff, exporting quality products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

“But lifetime achievement isn’t just about building a business, it’s about setting an example for other industry players to follow and giving back to your community.  One need only looks at the recent loyalty Quinlan’s has shown to its home community and to its long-term employees to understand the kind of leader Pat Quinlan has been for over 60 years,” the board said. 

Award of Historical Marine Significance — Battle Harbour

Arrow and spearheads wash up on the beaches of Battle Harbour indicating that long before the mid-1700s when it became the unofficial capital of Newfoundland and British fishing interests in Labrador, it was a valued place. 

“While the fishing station of Battle Harbour is no longer a bustling center for the salt fish industry, having been restored by the hands of residents, it continues to create history and give back to the people of Labrador.  Providing an important window into 200 years of fishing history that many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can relate to, it is now a growing tourist destination that sets an example for others to follow as experiential tourism comes into its own.  For what we already know about the history of Battle Harbour, for its continuing role and for the secrets it still holds, Battle Harbour is a deserving place to be recognized for its historic significance,” the board said.    

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