Placentia roads in dire need of repairs

Published on January 6, 2016
Fort Louis Road in Placentia is the steepest hill Eastern Waste Management services. It was covered in ice on Wednesday, Feb. 4, but the garbage collectors still had to service it.
Photo by Melissa Jenkins/The Compass

I was born in Placentia 57 years ago, live in Mount Pearl (over 20 years), but I still call Placentia home.

I made a visit home for a day this Christmas. All was good till I made an attempt to drive from Dunville to Placentia and then to South East! I was in shock at the condition of the roads (for lack of a better word)!

There was more potholes than there was good asphalt! I was giddy from trying to avoid beating the crap out of my car!

Your mayor and council should be ashamed of the condition of the 'public' roads! I guess they don't know that if they are made aware of a pothole and you damage your car, they would be on the hook for repairs!


'Damaged roads ahead ... and behind'

So I ask, exactly what are council spending your money on? Certainly not roads! The condition is a disgrace!

— Jim Bishop writes from Mount Pearl