Brothers on ice

Colin and Jordan Escott performing well for CeeBees

Nicholas Mercer
Published on December 13, 2012
Jordan (left) and Colin Escott have been a big part of the CeeBees' offense this season.
Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

Brothers playing on the same hockey team is not exactly a new thing, especially around these parts.

Names like the Sutters, Bures, Courtnalls and the Howes are known nationally as hockey playing brethren.

Locally, the Conception Bay North CeeBee Stars have its own pairing of brothers in North River's Keith and Ryan Delaney, who have been staring for the team over the past half-decade.

Now another family name is set to join them as a prominent brother tandem with the CeeBees and the Newfoundland Senior Hockey League.

They even play on the same line, as do the Delaneys.

Playing with Slaney

St. John's residents Colin and Jordan Escott are the new brothers in town.

Prior to the start of the 2012-2013 NSHL season, they had never played together, let alone on the same line.

But, that all changed when the capital city brothers were brought together to Harbour Grace after the two were picked up from the Gander Flyers for Sean Wadden and Kenny Pennell.

Since the beginning of the season, Colin and Jordan have been joined on the wing by Robert Slaney.

"It's a good combination and then you add (Robert) Slaney, and he brings everything as well," said Jordan. "I really like playing with those guys."

Colin, who took a couple of years off from playing hockey due to personal reasons, said it has been a "good" experience playing with his brother.

"I'm just getting back into playing hockey again and it's a good start playing with my little brother," he said.

The combination has been an easy transition on their parents as well.

"It's good for the family," said Jordan, who at 21 is the youngest of the two. "They can come to a couple of games and see both of us."

First impressions

Both Escotts have great things to say about the new league.

"It's a great league this year," said Colin, 24. "It's as good as it gets."

Skating on the CeeBees' second offensive unit, the Escotts have enjoyed a moderate level of success on the ice.

Excluding this past weekend, Jordan has put up three goals and seven assists in 12 games, while Colin has registered a single goal to go along with three assists in the same amount of games.

"It's been a lot of fun," said Jordan.

The amount of talented players in the provincial senior league has meant a different style of hockey for the brothers.

"It's almost like a pro league," said Jordan. "You're not playing with boys."

Different styles

While the two share the same last name, they do not share the same game.

Jordan relies on speed and shiftiness to beat his man, while Colin, standing at six foot three, is big and likes to play big.

"I like to crash and bang a little more," said Colin.

Jordan refers to himself as a "skilled guy."

"I like setting up plays and he's more of a shooter," he said.

So far, the different styles of play have meshed well for the brothers.

"They work well together," said Colin.

High Praise

CeeBees' head coach Corey Crocker was the man instrumental in bringing the two to Harbour Grace.

He said both of the Escotts "have been fantastic."

"Jordan is arguably the best rookie in the league. He's a pleasure to watch on the ice. He's a real puck handler, has smarts, great vision and competes," said Crocker. "Colin is right on progress with where we thought he'd be. He is improving every game.

"We're very happy with both of them."