New director for Bay Arena minor

Ian Norris brings wealth of experience, says president

Nicholas Mercer
Published on September 18, 2012

Ian Norris, shown here after completing the Ottawa Marathon, is the new director of hockey operations for Bay Arena minor hockey.

Submitted photo

The Bay Arena Minor Hockey Association has named its new director of hockey operations (formerly technical director) for the 2012-13 season.

The Bay Roberts-based association announced last week that St. John's native Ian Norris had accepted the position.

Norris, the older brother of former professional players Dwayne and Warren Norris, will brings a wealth of experience to the Bay Arena when he begins his new job later this month.

He has a master's degree in physical education and is a former head technical director and coach for Avalon minor hockey in St. John's.

Norris has been director of the Northern Edge, an elite youth hockey school based out of Toronto and parts of the United States, and is the director/owner of the Norris School of Power Hockey.

"I'm very excited to get going," said Norris. "I'm looking forward to working with the executive, coaches and players this season."

Norris recently moved back to Newfoundland after a more than a decade in Ontario with his wife, Andrea, and their son, Cameron.

"When I got back, I wanted to get involved in the hockey," he said.

Norris chose to apply for the position, and volunteers with Bay Arena minor are happy to have him on board.

"We're very excited to have Ian," president Brian Drover told The Compass.

Drover said when Norris' resume landed on his desk, he was immediately drawn to the experience Norris could bring to the association.

"He has 30 years of experience, and his resume was very impressive," he said.

First impressions

Norris' first chance to meet the players in the association will likely come on Sept. 22, when Bay Arena minor kicks off its annual hockey school at the Bay Arena.

"It's a good chance for Ian to go out and give a good impression," said Drover.

The hockey school runs for two weeks, involves players from beginners to peewee, and players are guaranteed 10 sessions over those two weeks

This year's school will have an added emphasis on goaltending. Those who tend the nets for Bay Arena minor teams will not be charged a fee.

Drover said people will take notice of Norris' ability to coach the game once the first practice begins.

"I think he is going to impress people," he said.

Norris said he is "not worried" about the pressure of kicking off the hockey school.

He is going to look at getting some coaches in place to help out with the running the of the school and make sure "things run smoothly."

Technical history

Norris enters a position that has seen a great deal of turnover with Bay Arena minor.

The Bay Arena spent the better part of a season without a technical director after Matthew French abruptly stepped down from the position before Christmas, after a year in the position.

Norris said he will be bringing a "hands on" approach to the position.

"I'm definitely going to be on the ice," he said.

Norris knows the Bay Arena has a great deal of interest in the game of hockey and has been a successful association over the past number of years.

He said he looks forward to teaching many of the different aspects that go into Canada's unofficial national sport.

"I look forward to teaching kids the game of hockey," he said.