Upper Island Cove receive ball field lighting system funding

Nicholas Mercer nmercer@cbncompass.ca
Published on January 21, 2014
Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Kent.
Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

Ball players in Upper Island Cove will no longer be limited to the going down of the sun.

This is after Steve Kent, minister of municipal affairs, announced some $167,000 in funding on Jan. 20 for the installation of a new lighting system at the existing ball field.

Held at the Upper Island Cove Recreation Centre, a cadre of young ball players from the Baseball CBN Bulldogs program for the announcement.

“It’s pretty good,” said player Aaron Osbourne.

The new lighting system will provide officials with the Bulldogs, as well as members of the community, with the opportunity to enjoy various activities when the sun goes down.

With regards to baseball and softball, the restriction of being able to play only during the day limited the amount of activity the field could be used for.

Now, days are limitless. Practices and games can be held during the evening, opening new avenues for the club and the community.

“It’s a tremendous initiative,” said Upper Island Cove Mayor George Adams.

Baseball is a game meant to be played under the lights and now, in Upper Island Cove it can be.

 “Being active and living a healthy lifestyle is important for the well-being of seniors, children and families across Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Kent.

The project is expected to be finished next season and is cost shared 90/10 with the provincial government.

“It’s about improving your quality of life,” said Port de Grave MHA Glenn Littlejohn. “By improving recreation services in your community and in your region, we hope to ensure longer livelihoods and better health for everybody.

“Where better to start than on a recreation facility.”