The Bay Roberts grappler

Brandon Hynes making a name inside the squared circle

Nicholas Mercer
Published on July 31, 2014

Bay Roberts professional wrestler Brandon Hynes (centre) watches the action unfold in front of him from the apron.

Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

Bursting through the curtain at Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts, Brandon Hynes is heading to work.


Originally from Cambridge, Ont., and billed as ‘Bulldog’ and wrestling in the main event of Legend City Wrestling’s annual Klondye Days card, Hynes is slated to square off with Mr. Fantastic.

Hynes’ moved to Bay Roberts in 2010, but he has family from Spaniard’s Bay and spent many summers in the region.

He shows no emotion as he makes his way towards the ring in the middle of the gym and greeted by a chorus of boos from the some 100 fans inside the sweltering gymnasium.

Tonight, the third day of the tour, Hynes is slated to play, in wrestling terms, the heel character. To the outside world, he is the bad guy. He is destined for underhandedness and dirty tactics.

Mr. Fantastic is the epitome of the good guy, or babyface, for LCW. He wears a mask that thrills children, is their heavyweight champion, his biceps bulge and he dances in the ring at the end of his matches.

In the moments leading up to the first lockup between the men, cracks start to show in Hynes’ visage. When the villain, you’re expected to be deceitful and dislike the fans.

But at certain points of the match, Hynes is doing something heels do not do unless hurting an opponent.

Hynes is smiling.

“It is hard to go full heel when I know family is in the audience,” he said moments after the shows conclusion.

It is not an overpowering smile, just a simple grin and he is sharing it with family.

Living in Bay Roberts, Hynes has half a dozen family members. One of those is Jaime Kelloway of Bay Roberts.

“It’s a big laugh,” said Kelloway. “We joke about it at home.”

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