These Island Cove girls have game

Local female ball players named to provincial team

Nicholas Mercer
Published on August 11, 2014
These three Baseball CBN female players have been named to the provincial female bantam team heading to the 2014 under-16 Girls' Invitationial Championships being held in Saquenay, Que., Aug. 21-25. They are, from left, Stephanie Crane, Victoria Reardon and Noelle Drover.
Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

There is an old saying in baseball that you can never have enough pitching.


Not all players can toe the rubber effectively, so it makes a manager’s job easier when they have lots of pitchers who can log innings.

That’s why three selections for the provincial female bantam team heading to the 2014 under-16 Girls’ Invitational Championship from Baseball CBN figure to be important pieces going forward.

Victoria Reardon (Upper Island Cove), Noelle Drover (Upper Island Cove) and Stephanie Crane (Upper Island Cove) are the latest selections from the CBN program to head to nationals and will join 12 other female players from this province, along with one from Prince Edward Island, for tournament Aug. 21-25 in Saquenay, Quebec.

Each of them can play a position in the field, but more importantly, each of them pitch, and pitch well.

Their selections place them among eight female players from the CBN program tabbed to represent their province on the national stage in the last couple of years.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Noelle, 14.

The three players grew up playing together in Upper Island Cove, one of the base areas for Baseball CBN. The other areas are Spaniard’s Bay and Harbour Grace.

Albeit, Noelle and Victoria also play with the male bantam squad, while Stephanie focuses on the female side of the ball.

Noelle is the daughter of Shawn and Lorraine Drover. Victoria is the daughter of Renee and Randy Reardon, while Stephanie is the daughter of Gary and Rosalie Crane.


Their selections

For a couple of days it seemed like there was only going to be a single entry from this region on the team.

Stephanie was named to the team out of the gate, while Victoria and Noelle were selected after coach Bob Morgan made a special trip to evaluate them further.

“It felt wicked,” said Stephanie of her selection. “I’ve been waiting awhile to get on this team.”

Stephanie’s sister Holly previously played on the bantam provincial team.

For any young ball player, to be named to a provincial team is a big deal. There are certain qualities that make a provincial ball player different from a non-provincial selectee.

They play the game at an advanced level and most importantly think the game at a higher level.

“It’s a big opportunity,” said Victoria, 14.


Role models

With these selections, the three have now become role models to the female players coming behind them.

Essentially, they’ve come full circle. They’ve gone from looking up to the athletes before them to becoming an influence on young ball players themselves.

Now, it’s their turn to inspire female players to stay in the game.

“It might encourage younger girls to play,” said Victoria.

A big part of these national tournaments goes on away from the diamond. It is hanging out with teammates at the hotel, seeing the local sights and meeting new people.

“I’m looking forward to everything,” said Noelle.