Harbour Grace council displeased CeeBees booted from AESHL

Town to write Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador demanding investigation

Published on September 12, 2017

The Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises CeeBee Stars recently got kicked out of the Avalon East Senior Hockey League. They're seen here after winning the Herder Memorial Championship earlier this year.

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HARBOUR GRACE, NL — During a regular council meeting held on Wednesday night, Sept. 6, council expressed their displeasure at recent news regarding the CeeBees.

During a brief presentation, Deputy Mayor Sonia Williams addressed the Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises CeeBee Stars and the decision by four teams to kick them out of the Avalon East Senior Hockey League.

Williams suggested council write a letter to the Stars stating their support throughout the situation, however, Coun. Hayward Blake felt as though council should take further action.

Following Williams’ motion being carried, Blake brought forth the idea of council sending a second letter to Jack Lee, president of Hockey NL, expressing council’s displeasure at the way the CeeBees had been treated.

Blake went on to suggest that the letter demand an investigation be put into place regarding the actions of Pat Rose, Ian Sullivan, Joe Maynard, and Jack Casey, officials from other teams who signed off on the decision to remove the CeeBees from the AESHL.

Blake’s motion was seconded by Coun. Patrick Haire.

“This may be our last meeting, and I think it’s absolutely necessary that we support the Ceebee Stars,” said Blake. “Asking for an investigation is the appropriate action for this town to take, because they’ve acted so inappropriately. We should not be sitting by and simply writing a letter, we should ask for an investigation by the hockey authority in this province.”

Harbour Grace Deputy Mayor Sonia Williams.
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However, Williams felt as though such discussions should be presented to the CeeBees first.

“We should make sure they even want us to do this, first,” said Williams. “It could be a legal thing, you know? There could be legal work involved with this, and we have to make sure that we’re doing things right.”

Blake’s motion was carried at the end of council’s discussion.

However, council members did go on to express their personal displeasure with the events that had unfolded in recent weeks.


“This was a group of guys that, back in the day, were just playing some hockey,” said Mayor Terry Barnes. “And now look at them, last year they came out of it with the Herder. There’s no reason they should not be a part of the league.”