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Blueberry farm proposed in Georgetown

A proposal to establish a blueberry farm in Georgetown, Conception Bay, is now the subject of an environmental assessment.

The area marked in red shows where Hayes U-Pick Blueberry Farm Ltd. is proposing to establish a farm.

Hayes U-Pick Blueberry Farm Ltd. has over 50 hectares of land in mind for the farm, which would also include an on-site storage shed. According to the registration document, approximately 10 hectares will be developed annually for the first five years.

Cutting and burning will take place to upgrade the stock and obtain the highest yield. Company owner Stephen Hayes intends to harvest berries to sell to local buyers.

At peak production, the company will reportedly employ upwards of 15 berry pickers over the course of a four-to-six week period. The farm will also double as a u-pick for the general public. A local gravel road already provides access to the land.

The deadline for public comments on the project is Oct. 21. A decision from the minister of environment and conservation is due by Oct. 29.

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