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Hant's Harbour sisters turn sweet scents into cash with business

Sisters Claira and Abbigail Penny of Hant's Harbour make sweet-smelling bath products for their business, Sisters Make Scents Bath & Body Boutique.
Sisters Claira and Abbigail Penny of Hant's Harbour make sweet-smelling bath products for their business, Sisters Make Scents Bath & Body Boutique.

HANT'S HARBOUR, NL — Claira Penny of Hant's Harbour and her younger sister, Abbigail, found a way to spend more time together while also earning a few dollars.

Through the Youth Ventures program, the Penny girls launched a business selling homemade bath bombs and bath fizzies. It's called Sisters Make Scents Bath & Body Boutique.

"Me and Abbigail always loved bath bombs since we were little, and we decided one day just to make some for ourselves, and then after we made them and tried them, we said we should start up a business and sell them, and it turned out really good after," explained Claira, 11.

The bombs and fizzies give off an aroma when dropped into the tub, and aid skin smoothness. The pair produces products with a variety of scents, including cupcake, blueberry muffin, exotic fruit, bubblegum, orange-creamsicle and coconut, amongst several others.

The work is split 50-50 for the most part. Claira and Abbigail make batches together and mold them. Once they're dry, Claira wraps up the individual bath bombs and Abbigail applies tags.

"I like that we do it together," said Abbigail, who is almost eight and entering Grade 3 at Perlwin Elementary in Winterton.

Claira said the two sisters generally work together without much trouble and get along well for the most part.

"We really like doing it together, because to me, it makes us spend more time together," said Claria.

To drum up business, Claira and Abbigail attend craft sales in the local area and pin posters up at local businesses. Their local hairstylist also sells the bombs and fizzes at her salon. Sisters Make Scents also has a Facebook page, where news is shared about available products.

"We really like going out," said Claira. "I'm chatty, and (Abbigail) is very shy, so when we go out, I talk and she sits there and gives them the bag, takes the money and puts it in."

Some samples of the Penny sisters' creations.

They have plans to continue with the business into the fall and are even thinking about seasonal products. For example, they're looking at selling Halloween bombs. Leftover product will be stuffed in a small plastic skull, and once it goes in the tub, the bomb will bubble out akin to an exploding brain.

Youth Ventures, which operates locally out of CBDC Trinity Conception in Carbonear, assists young entrepreneurs like the Pennys with the planning side of starting a business. CBDC Trinity Conception recently presented Sisters Make Scents an award for excellence in product design.

"It teaches them about money and how to do things," said their mom, Casey. "We've told them that you don't get everything back. It has to go back into your business as well. It's good for them to learn."

Sisters Make Scents will have their wares ready to sell at a craft sale taking place Aug. 26 at the Hant's Harbour recreation building.

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