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IOC proposing to expand Magy Pit at Labrador City operations

LABRADOR CITY, NL – The Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) has registered a project to expand the boundaries of Magy Pit at its operations in Labrador City for an environmental assessment.

IOC has been operating the Carol project in Labrador City since the early 1960s. The Magy Pit Extension project is an extension of the existing Magy Pit, which is part of the Humphrey South mining area. The proposed extension is within IOC’s existing mining leases and covers roughly 25 hectares of land.

According to a bulletin from the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment today, Jan. 25, The project will involve vegetation/tree clearing, overburden removal and stockpiling, haul road development, pit development, drilling and blasting, transporting waste rock to an existing waste dump, and transporting ore to existing on-site facilities for processing.

Contractors will be used for the pit development. IOC’s own workers, equipment and infrastructure will be employed during operations activities associated with the proposed project.

The proposed open pit mining operations in the Magy Pit Extension will be carried out using IOC’s existing mining practices.

The ore mined will supplement concentrator feed sourced from other areas of its operations. The development will provide sufficient additional ore to fill the plant capacity.

A deadline for public comments has been set for March 1. Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce’s decision is due by March 10.

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