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Land use adjusted, hearing date announced for Carbonear hotel proposal

["Crocker's Cove Point is one of the few properties in Carbonear zoned for conservation."]
["Crocker's Cove Point is one of the few properties in Carbonear zoned for conservation."]

CARBONEAR, NL — An amendment to Carbonear's municipal plan that would accommodate a proposed hotel development in Crocker's Cove has been changed to reduce the amount of land impacted.

According to a public notice shared on the Town of Carbonear's Facebook page, the proposed amendment would rezone two hectares of privately-owned land at Crocker's Cove Point from conservation to medium-density residential. Previously, the amendment looked to rezone almost three hectares of land. Thus, the scope of the proposed rezoning was reduced by one-third.

Council approved a motion on that amendment and a development regulation amendment allowing for hotels as a discretionary use for medium-density residential zones at last Tuesday's council meeting. This came after the provincial government released the amendments from further review at that level.

Now, the town will hold a second public hearing, scheduled for Oct. 5 at 7 p.m. in the town council office. People wishing to speak at the hearing must inform the town and provide two copies of a written statement at least two days prior to the hearing. If the town receives no response, it can elect to cancel the hearing.

A concept drawing and potential location for the curved building, which may move further inland than what's shown. Petroff Partnership Architects created this design.


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Hotelle Crockers Cove would feature approximately 45-50 rooms, plus a restaurant, conference room, lobby bar, art gallery and espresso bar. The developers, James Bailie and Janet Whittle-Bailie, have expressed a desire to make the natural surroundings part of the hotel's public appeal.

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