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No tokin’ up at IOC in Labrador West

A smoked joint (marijuana) sits in an ashtray.
A smoked joint (marijuana) sits in an ashtray. - 123RF Stock Photo

Companies have updated policies to reflect cannabis legislation


Now that cannabis has been declared legal in Canada, a lot of companies, large or small, have had to outline their policies regarding the product.

The Aurora contacted the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC), the largest employer in Labrador West to ask about their company policy.

The Aurora asked if the company will continue drug testing.

“IOC will continue to conduct drug and alcohol testing at the pre-employment stage as well as post-incident or reasonable cause stages of employment,” was the reply from a company representative.

The company has a Substance Abuse Prevention Policy, which is a zero tolerance of alcohol or other drugs (whether that substance is legal or illegal) at any IOC work location.

Safety is the biggest concern, The Aurora was told.

"Safety is fundamental to how we work at IOC and it is important that all employees and contractors are ‘fit for work.’ This means being prepared physically, and mentally to perform their role in a competent manner that does not threaten the safety or health of the person or others.”

They also say safe, healthy, decisions for workers, their families and fellow workers are important.

Meanwhile, Ron Thomas, president of the United Steel Workers local 5795 which has just over 1,400 members, said, "No form of impairment on the job is acceptable,” even if it is medication that is legal, alcohol, or cannabis. He says that has been explained to members.

Recently Labrador West Chamber of Commerce president Toby Leon said many businesses will have to make sure company policies are written to include cannabis.

The provincial government through the NLC has a website with the information most people are looking for:

In Labrador West, Tobin’s Convenience in the Harry Lake subdivision has a license to sell the product.

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