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More environmental work needed for Crémaillère Harbour development near St. Anthony

Crémaillère Harbour is located approximately four kilometres south of St. Anthony. - Google Maps
Crémaillère Harbour is located approximately four kilometres south of St. Anthony. - Google Maps

ST. JOHN’S, NL – Great Northern Port Inc. has been informed an environmental preview report (EPR) will be required for its project to develop a marine offshore base at Crémaillère Harbour just south of St. Anthony.

An environmental assessment bulletin from the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment issued on Jan. 31 indicated an environmental assessment committee will be appointed to provide scientific and technical advice to Minister Eddie Joyce and guidance regarding the information requirements to the company.

According to a previous bulletin from the department, Great Northern Port Inc. is proposing the project to meet onshore and offshore logistics requirements as well as military and coast guard needs.


Marine offshore base project near St. Anthony registered for environmental assessment

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The project would see the creation of an industrial subdivision and deep water marine port.

It would include the construction of roads, warehousing, fabrication and laydown areas, a diesel and base oil fuel tank farm, a liquid mud plant, docks, ramps and onshore quays, and a graving dock for refit and repair of large vessels.

The company is looking to begin the first of three phases of construction in 2020.

Additional information the company is required to provide in the EPR includes the impact of the project on marine life; the numbers and distribution of other wildlife species; activities and operations associated with the ballast wastewater/bilge disposal facility, the graving dock, and the bulk ore loading/offloading storage facility.

Joyce will issue guidelines to the proponent to assist with the development of the EPR, the bulletin indicated.

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