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Province OKs Harbour Grace wharf project

The province’s environment department has conditionally approved Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises’ plan to expand the shipbuilding company’s wharf.

The project will establish a new modern wharf, laydown area and dry-dock facility on land where a fish plant used to operate at Point of Beach. The land in question is approximately 4,000 square metres, including Crown Land and property formerly owned by Quality Baits.

The project, which is not a part of the Town of Harbour Grace’s proposed marine industrial park proposal, is intended to attract new business for marine servicing, repair and construction work. Construction for the wharf and laydown area will take approximately six months, with a further six months necessary to complete phase two of the project, which is the dry-dock facility.


'HGOE looks to expand wharf'

Under the terms of the environment department’s approval, HGOE must handle sandblasting in an enclosed area. The dry-dock design must include provisions to address the containment of leaks and spills that could prove to be hazardous, and that design must come back to the department for further approval. The company must also develop a women’s employment plan for both phases of the project.

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