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School’s out

With just two weeks to go before the start of the school year, Keyin College has announced it will discontinue the Clarenville campus.

Keyin College president Des Whelan said the school will stay open until December to allow existing students to complete their studies. However, those who had just signed up for courses starting this fall, will not get the chance to go.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve had some declining enrollments,” Whelan told The Packet. “So we have taken the decision to close the campus in December once all the students that are in house are completed their training.”

New students who expected to start in the fall can move to other Keyin College campuses in the province. According to Whelan, some are going to the College of the North Atlantic.

“We are in communication with all those folks. The numbers just weren’t there to support us in the fall,” Whelan said.

“It’s unfortunate but it’s where we are.”

Whelan said Keyin is a large organization across the province and will continue supporting its students and graduates into the future.

The main courses offered at the Clarenville campus were the personal care attendant, business and hairstylist programs.

Whelan said a number of the hairstylists are moving to the St. John’s campus.

He added that said some of the faculty members at Clarenville have taken positions at other Keyin College campuses and some have employment at other educational facilities.

“We are working really hard to take care of our staff as well,” Whelan said.

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