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Best of the West: Rahel Porter

Fifteen-year-old Rahel Porter
Fifteen-year-old Rahel Porter - Gary Shaw


We have some great young people among us is Labrador West. There is no better example of this than Rahel Porter.

Rahel, 15, was born in Labrador West. She is currently a Grade 10 student at Menihek High School.

She is a true Labradorian with solid roots and an impressive list of positive accomplishments for someone of her young age.

Rahel has an ability to balance her time and efforts in many areas. This comes from her drive to grow and learn from the things that pique her interests as possible, and the constant and many lessons of positive reinforcement from her parents.

Rahel does well at school and has for the past two years received a Merit Award at school for achieving an 85 per cent average or more in her overall marks.

Although there are many doors that will open for her as she hones her academic direction, Rahel has her sights set on a career in the dental hygienist field.

She works hard at school and also enjoys the social network of friends and activities that go with her circle of friends at school. They are a close-knit group with like-minded goals that also play a role in positive support for each other.

Rahel has a busy schedule outside the classroom as well. She has already completed eight years of private piano lessons. Her ability and desire has seen here play in spring and Christmas recitals, as well as at her church and youth groups.

She has also given of her time and efforts at her church through Sunday School activities as well as participating as an elf in the Santa Claus presentation to children of the community.

Rahel has been an active face painter for children in the initiatives that are organized for the wellness of the community at large.

She has also been involved in the logistical and fundraising initiatives for Ronald McDonald House, which provides much-needed support for families among us who need help at critical times in their lives.

Rahel rolls up her sleeves and is also hands on in helping with the Pancake Christmas Breakfast events that are an annual part of community life in Labrador West.

She is actively involved in the contributions and collections for the local food bank that provides a much-needed initiative to those in the community that need help at the very grass root level.

Rahel is also active in the logistical support and efforts required to deliver programs to the 200 children from the community who take part in Vocational Bible School each summer.

Rahel is involved in all of these initiatives, as well as somehow finding time to enjoy family and friend time in the outdoors of Labrador. Snowmobiling and Seadoo time on the lake at their cabin, summer and winter ice fishing, as well as some ptarmigan hunting and setting rabbit slips — all activities Rahel enjoys at the cabin.

Rahel is one of our “Best of the West” young people that will continue to make her family and our community at large proud, by her continued actions, wait and see.    

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