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Potential hotel to be built in Crocker’s Cove, Carbonear

Carbonear council members are holding off deciding for now on amendments to the town plan to accommodate a proposed hotel development on Crocker's Cove Point.
Carbonear council members are holding off deciding for now on amendments to the town plan to accommodate a proposed hotel development on Crocker's Cove Point.

CARBONEAR, NL — Crocker’s Cove point may soon be the location of a brand new hotel.

The hotel is still in the planning stages, and nothing has been set in stone just yet, but the applicant has purchased the majority of the land on Crocker’s Cove point required for such a building. The land was listed online for $139,900.

In the proposal, it is stated that the hotel will contain approximately 45-50 rooms. Some of these rooms will be suites, facing toward to ocean and Carbonear Island.

George Butt Jr., mayor of Carbonear, says that the hotel will hopefully bring plenty more visitors to the area in the future, and is optimistic about the benefits of a new hotel in the region.

“If it goes ahead, which we hope it will, it will definitely have good economic benefits for the area,” said Butt. “Something like that will no doubt bring in more people, more tourists, and that means we’ll have more people to come see what the town has to offer, which comes hand in hand with some good economic benefits. It’s a win-win situation, really.”

Butt added that he’s sure there are some people in the area that won’t like the idea, but said that he and the town need to focus on the long-term benefits of a new hotel.

“Some people in Crocker’s Cove might not like the extra traffic, or might be against the idea of a bus going through there. The area already gets a lot of traffic, though, and a bus goes through there on a daily basis, so there really won’t be that big a difference, really,” explained Butt. “But we’re always open to hear any concerns from the public. That’s what’s going to help us make our decision, at the end of the day.”

The 2.97 hectare area which the hotel is looking to be built on is partly residential and partly conservation. Commercial residential uses in the form of hotels are not permitted in either of these land use designations. Because of this, the town has proposed an amendment to the plan provided by the applicant.

The area where the hotel is planned to be developed currently sits on a zone split between residential and conservation.

After a review of the area, the town has proposed to extend the residential land use designation to include the area that is planned to be developed, while adding new policies to the pre-existing residential policies of the plan, ultimately allowing commercial accommodations. This amendment would see the conservation land use zone rezoned to the residential medium density land use zone.
These amendments would also enable future re-development of the property for residential use without requiring further amendments to the plan of regulations.

The deadline for public comments on the proposal is Wednesday, May 31st.

The town has not yet received any drawings from the applicant, which are required for plans to move forward.

Butt says that once things start moving forward again, a public consultation meeting will be held to allow residents to voice their opinions.

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