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Spaniard’s Bay council dedicates new council chambers to first mayor

A plaque dedicated to Calvin M. Gosse was erected in the main hallway of the building.
A plaque dedicated to Calvin M. Gosse was erected in the main hallway of the building.

SPANIARD’S BAY, NL — The Town of Spaniard’s Bay recently dedicated its new council chambers to their first mayor — Calvin M. Gosse.

Gosse served as the first mayor for the town of Spaniard’s Bay from 1965-1967, when the community was incorporated.

June 8, 2017 was the 52nd anniversary for the community, and Mayor Tony Menchions said he felt there was no better day to make the dedication to Gosse official.

Shirley Gosse (right), Calvin’s wife, and their daughter Karen Mercer as the plaque is revealed for the first time.

“We’re very happy to dedicate our new chambers to (Gosse). He was a shining example of what we strive for as members of council. Every mayor since him has followed in his footsteps, striving to do what they felt was best for the community,” said Menchions, gesturing toward the right wall of the chambers, where group photos of every council since 1965 hang. “I’m sure this tradition will continue with each new council that gets elected.”
The former town hall was also dedicated to Gosse on the 25th anniversary of the town’s incorporation in 1990. However, in 2014, the town purchased the former school board building, which has served as the town hall since.
“To some people, this building is known as the Mark Gosse & Sons building. To some, the school board building, and now to the younger generation, they’ll know it as the municipal centre,” added Menchions. “But whatever the building is known as, it will continue to serve residents of Spaniard’s Bay for many years, and hopefully, as a place of civic pride.”

After a speech from the mayor, the residents in attendance were brought to the hallway leading into the council chambers, where Menchions revealed a plaque dedicated to Gosse, who passed away at the age of 54.

Members of the Gosse family, including his wife Shirley and daughter Karen Mercer, were present for the unveiling of the plaque.

“It feels wonderful to see all of this,” said Shirley, fighting through joyful tears. “He was a wonderful man.”

Mercer told The Compass she felt very proud to see her father’s name honoured by the community in such a way.

“It’s a great feeling, it really is. We’re all very proud of my father, always have been, and we’re happy to see that the town feels the same way,” said Mercer.

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