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Around the world in 279 days

The numbers are in on the around-the-globe excursion for Newfoundland couple Steven Trickett and Jess Foley.

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The photo on the left shows Jess and Steven Trickett preparing to leave Canada for their nine-month journey around the world. The photo on the right was taken upon their arrival in St. John’s last month.

A journey that took Jess and Steven Trickett through 26 countries in 279 days came to an end early last month and left the married couple with the yearning to do it again. Along they way they experienced the world and met plenty of like-minded people along the way.

The numbers are in on the around-the-globe excursion for Newfoundland couple Steven Trickett and Jess Foley.

The globetrotting pair set their feet on Newfoundland soil for the first time in almost a year when their plane landed on April 8.

Between July 2014 and that date, Trickett and Foley were on the road for 279 days:

° 26 countries

° 38 cities

° 95 beds

° 40 flights

° 16 buses

° eight boats

° five cars

° four trains.

“That doesn’t include the countless cabs, tuk tuks and subways we took along the way,” said Jess.

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They are impressive numbers for sure. Breaking it down, their stat line reads like the back of a baseball card and elicits images of a silver Douglas DC-3 airplane touching down at various points on a map of the world while adventurous music plays in the background.

“The number of beds caught me off guard,” said Jess. “We were gone just over nine months. So that’s like 10 beds a month when you think about it. We were moving every three days. When you see the numbers it really puts the whole trip in perspective.”

Coming to the realization that the inevitable return to work is approaching, the couple have, once again, been taken by the travel bug.

Their return to their home province was exciting; they hadn’t laid eyes on family and friends for quite some time. There were tales to tell and dinners to have as they recounted their journeys.

“It was kind of like the honeymoon phase when we first got back and now we have the travel itch again,” said Steven, who hails from Harbour Grace. “You have to fight that with the fact we have to go back to work in a couple of months.”

“If you were to give me a plane ticket today, I’d probably hop on a plane and go wherever,” added Jess.

Travel blog blind dates

When they started their travel blog (, the pair started picking up followers as they wrote about their experiences in Africa, Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, just to name a few places. As details of their adventures hit cyberspace, they received messages from other like-minded travelling record keepers.

If they happened to be in the same city at the same time, Steven and Jess would make plans to meet their counterparts. Dubbing these meetings ‘travel blog blind dates,’ they either met for dinner or drinks in exotic locales after chatting online.

“We met a United Kingdom couple who were travelling in Vietnam when we were there and we kind of followed each other’s blogs,” said Steven. “They were in Hội An the same time as us, so we decided to meet for a drink one night. We went to a pub for trivia night and just chatted.”

“We did another travel blogger blind date on New Year’s with a couple from the United States,” said Jess. “It’s really cool sharing different travel experiences and different places that they’ve been.”

A random encounter

When travelling the world, you wouldn’t think you’d see the same person in different countries.

But, that is exactly what happened to the couple. They ran into a traveller in Budapest, and then saw him again in Prague.

Finally, when Jess and Steven made it to Hawaii, there he was again. This time he was with his family.

“We had dinner with them and went to Pearl Harbour together,” said Steven. “Now, he is actually considering coming to Newfoundland to visit us.”

Despite a trip that took them around the world to more than two-dozen countries, Jess and Steven feel like they are only just beginning.

“We realized as we went along that there was so much more,” said Steven. “Our list kind of expanded. We ticked quite a few things off, but there are so many other things … there are so many places to see.”

For now, however, it’ll be back to work for the both of them. At least until the next excursion that is.

“I don’t think travelling will ever be out of the picture regardless of what our lifestyle is,” said Jess.

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