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3 rules for remodelling your kitchen

Planning a kitchen remodel? Here are three golden rules you should follow to ensure your project’s success.

The work triangle

When planning the layout of your kitchen, you need to consider the work triangle, a zone delineated by the washing, cooking and food storage spaces. This triangle is where you will spend most of your time.

For the kitchen to function well, the distances between the dishwasher (or sink), the fridge and the stove must be equal, or almost equal. Don’t place these appliances too far apart.


Do you want to build an island in your kitchen? Make sure to leave about four feet of space between your cupboards and your island so that you can move around easily. Similarly, plan for at least three feet of clearance in front of your dishwasher for comfortable loading and unloading.

In all cases, make sure that you can move around without having to contort yourself, even when the fridge, oven or dishwasher door is open.


Generally, kitchens have four types of lighting — natural light (from a window above the sink, for example), general light (from a ceiling light or recessed lights), task lights (spotlights on your work surfaces) and accent lights (LED strips underneath the cabinets). Be sure to plan out the placement of your lights before beginning construction work.

Finally, for all your construction and renovation project needs, never hesitate to call on your local specialists.

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