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22nd Harry Hibbs album features never-before-released single

The album cover of “Off the Floor: Songs from the Harry Hibbs show.”
The album cover of “Off the Floor: Songs from the Harry Hibbs show.”

The new Harry Hibbs album collects for the first time on CD and MP3 the surviving recordings he made during his seven-year run on television.

For 21 years, Hibbs was one of Newfoundland’s most successful musical exports. During that time he spent seven years on television as part of CHCH-TV’s “Caribou Show Band.” The new CD will feature recordings from that time, and with over 150 broadcasts the songs featured on the album were chosen as the best of the best.

Russell Bowers played a big part in reviving some of the recordings that made it onto the album.

“The last couple of years I’ve been kind of picking away at taking the audio from the last surviving TV shows and putting them into some sort of shape to put out on a CD,” Bowers said. “That’s what this project became, and what sort of pushed its release was Harry was inducted into the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame back in April, and we did a digital release.”

From there, Bowers was contacted by Lyle Drake of Avondale Music to release the project in a physical format on CDs.

“Lyle asked if the album was available on CD anywhere, and I said it wasn’t yet, and so he offered to make the album available on CD. So we worked that out,” Bowers said.

This CD will have a special first-time release of Hibbs’ song “The Four Marys.”

“There’s one track that we’ve issued as a single called ‘The Four Marys’ and it’s exclusive to the CD,” Bowers said. “What happened was I found ‘The Four Marys’ kind of buried in an old documentary from 1974 and it was only partially available in the actual documentary, but I managed to dig up enough to fashion it into a full song. So I didn’t include that on the digital release because it needed a little fixing. We got it fixed up digitally and I gave it to Lyle as an exclusive for the CD version of the album.”

“Off the Floor: Songs from the Harry Hibbs Shows” is available online, at all major music vendors and locally where traditional music can be found.

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