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STREAMLINE YOUR STUFF: There is nothing wrong with following trends

To trend or not to trend, that is the question. I am always interested in reading about the latest trends. Trends in decor, trends in fashion and even trends in organizing our lives.

Who are the people who decide what the trends will be? I can only assume they are the furniture designers, fashion designers and, when it comes to organizing, the writers of best-selling books, the designers of tiny homes and the founders of the minimalist movement.

Interior design trend watchers have been telling us for some time that we are moving away from the straight lines of mid century modern and moving toward creating a more comforting space with curves, tassells, elements of nature (especially star motifs) and lots of velvet. In addition, as opposed to clear surfaces with little on them, we are moving toward surrounding ourselves with trinkets and treasures.

Also, there is an expectation that sustainable materials are going to be an even bigger trend in home design and renovation. You might consider using jute, rice paper, clay, bamboo and organic fabrics in your next decor project. I think we are starting to get the message that we are polluting our planet and using our natural resources at a much faster rate than they can ever be replenished.

The trends in organizing seem to be embracing a minimalist lifestyle, downsizing to smaller-space living and keeping only what brings us joy. These trends can most certainly affect the footprint we leave on this planet if we become more conscious about consuming fewer resources. However, if all we do is continue to dispose of stuff at the same rate that we accumulate stuff, we are not helping the planet, but we are certainly helping the economy. It’s a tricky situation.

It’s interesting to me that some of these trends are in opposition to each other and some marry nicely together. I think it’s very important for you to decide what makes sense for your life and the way you like to live. I would love it if you could walk in the door of your apartment, condo or house and feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. Not too much stuff, not too little stuff. Furniture pieces that are comfortable, beautiful and enhance your space. Decorative accessories that are meaningful and make you smile.

I was working with a client last week who is re-framing a couple of pieces of artwork so that instead of sitting in the basement because the old frame isn’t suitable, the pieces will now work with other carefully chosen ones. I love the idea of re-purposing pieces that you have been holding onto because you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of them.

There is so much you can do to make furniture work in your space — nothing a couple of coats of chalk paint or new upholstery can’t fix. You can give old light fixtures a makeover with a new lampshade or by changing the finish. You could even go so far as to break some old glass pieces and create a beautiful mosaic for a table top. I am willing to bet our crafty Heather Laura Clarke can give you some more ideas.

There is nothing wrong with following trends as long as it’s something that can be easily changed if it suddenly goes out of style or you tire of it. Choose carefully and pick what you love.


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