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International cake bakers gather in Green's Harbour to share skills

Gravity-defying puffin cakes, made by cake makers that attended the retreat in Green's Harbour.
Gravity-defying puffin cakes, made by cake makers that attended the retreat in Green's Harbour.

GREEN’S HARBOUR – Passionate cake makers from places such as Australia, Singapore and the United States all came together in Green’s Harbour late last month.

The Doctor’s House Inn and Spa is used to hosting weddings and community events. However, on April 21st, Aaron McInnes and Kara Andretta of Aaron and Kara’s Cakers Escape brought their international conference of cake makers to the Green’s Harbour inn.

McInnes is a nutritionist, as well as the owner of Man Versus Cake – a cake decorating blog. Andretta runs Kara’s Couture Cakes, and both recently came together over their shared passion to form Aaron and Kara’s Cakers Escape.

McInnes, from Conception Bay South, and Andretta, from Buffalo, New York, have been passionate about the art of baking cakes for their entire lives. This year, they decided to come together with others who held cake decorating to such a high standard as they do.

“The majority of people don’t really look at baking cakes as the kind of art form that it really can be,” said Andretta. “We wanted to get people together who were really passionate about it. We wanted to find people who treated it like we do, and didn’t just see it as baking a cake.”

Aaron McInnes and Kara Andretta, organizers of the retreat.

With this in mind, Andretta set out to social media, sent emails, and contacted various acquaintances in the cake baking industry to find willing participants from across the world.

Andretta and McInnes explained that in order for an applicant to be accepted for the escape, they had to take part in an interview process. Through that, the two were able to narrow it down to 15 bakers.

Andretta added that they wanted to make sure the people they accepted had positive attitudes, open minds, and liked to be taught, as well as teach. She mentioned these traits were essential for something like this.

During the escape, cake makers were taught tricks and secrets of cake making, including how to successfully create things like gravity-defying cakes.

“It was a really successful and rewarding weekend,” said McInnes. “And I think Newfoundland – The Doctor’s House specifically – was an excellent place to host it. The weekend was about coming together to share a passion, and Newfoundland, to me, is the perfect place for something like that.”

This escape was the first of its kind here in Newfoundland, and McInnes and Andretta are already looking forward to hosting the event again next summer.

“At the end of the day, it’s a lot more than just a cake class, or show, or anything like that. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their skills as a baker, or decorator. It’s an amazing experience to be surrounded by great, like-minded people who share that same passion.”

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