Marvel’s $110M-$115M Global Will Hit All-Time Low For Disney MCU – Deadline

Remember the bright flashing light Captain Marvel showed to shepherd Tony Stark in the first few minutes of 2019? Avengers: Endgame? Well, judging by this weekend’s predictions for Carol Danvers’ latest outing, that light has faded. Disney/Marvels The Marvels Sunday is heading to an estimated $110M-$115M worldwide opening, which would be the lowest opening for a Disney MCU title worldwide.

As we mentioned in our preview, the sequel was already expected to be low-grossing. Now a few days in the pocket, The MarvelsAn $80M international box office haul fell close to $60M. Right now, from what we can see, director Nia DaCosta’s Brie Larson starrer is around $25M overseas since Friday.

We expect a No. 1 launch in nearly all offshore markets, and social scores are decent, but there’s no lack of urgency around the picture. As Anthony mentioned, the domestic is looking at $47M-$52M. There is confusion and overexposure surrounding the title, which includes elements of the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel And WandavisionBut it, unlike its predecessor, does not benefit from new and/or inter-connectedness Infinity War And The end game.

Social scores are slightly better than overseas critics. But the fact that the actors couldn’t advertise until the strike ended on Thursday certainly didn’t help them. Cottasee Factor to rush to theaters.

While we’ve already tempered our hopes for China, that market now looks likely to come in under $15M for the three-day weekend, despite the film being given an early notice for its authorized release. No Maoyan score for now, but critics are raving about Duban at 5.4. To be fair, China has proven increasingly tricky.

We’ll have a full update tomorrow.

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