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Gander passes mandatory tree policy for new properties

Town of Gander
Town of Gander - Submitted

$300-deposit required until tree is planted

GANDER, NL – In an effort to build land beautification into the town’s continued residential growth, Gander has passed a mandatory tree requirement for new properties.

The one-tree minimum requirement at the front of a property will be enforced by a $300-deposit when applying for a land application with the Town of Gander.

The deposit is refundable after proving the tree has been planted.

Mayor Percy Farwell said the initiative stemmed from lack of forestation in newly developed areas, noting new residential areas are often clear cut.

“Sometimes there’s good reason for that as it can be hard to get proper slopes and grading on developments…that allow for proper drainage,” said Farwell.

“Unfortunately, what that means is, saving trees becomes very difficult.”

Farwell said the town created the policy to change that.

“It was done as a way to encourage people to plant trees in the new areas to beautify neighbourhoods,” he said. “Where in 10-15 years, as you drive down a street, there’s a row of trees.”

If residents are strongly against having a tree on the front of their properties, the mayor said homeowners can choose not to plant one, but would be unable to reclaim the deposit.

“We’re not trying to force people to put trees in, but we trying to strongly encourage it,” he said.

Farwell said the town has also identified the types of trees that would be suitable for a property. That information can be found on the website.

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