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Damage outside Gull Island community centre

The community centre in Gull Island, Conception Bay has seen an influx of activity in recent weeks, but not in a positive way.

The Gull Island Community Centre has been plaqued with vandalism over the past few years, with the most recent being this weekend after the ground was torn up.

Bill McCann, a member of the Corpus Christi Community Special Projects committee, took to Facebook Monday after damage was done to the yard outside the community centre.

“(They) get on quads and spin them around on the gravel,” McCann told The Compass Wednesday. “I’ve spent more time in there trying to catch someone than I have home.”

In a photo provided by McCann, sections of dirt are seen torn up directly in front of the building. He believes it was caused by people hanging out there after dark.

“They’re probably in and around there drinking,” he said. “Just a bunch of hoodlums.”

This is not the first time there has been damage done to the area. About a year ago the RCMP were called after damage was done to the property.

“The fact that the RCMP made a presence there, it stopped for a little while,” McCann explained. “Now, it’s back again.”

The community centre is very active outside the winter months. It sits next to a local walking trail and has a playground for children.

McCann hopes anyone with information will come forward so the damage can stop. He wants everyone to be able to enjoy the area.

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