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Don Coombs reclaims mayor’s chair in Harbour Grace

Don Coombs will be adding another four years to his career as mayor of Harbour Grace.
Don Coombs will be adding another four years to his career as mayor of Harbour Grace.

HARBOUR GRACE, NL – After four years on the ouside looking in, Don Coombs is set to return as mayor of Harbour Grace.

Coombs, who has previously spent 18 years as mayor, came out on top in a race between himself, Terry Barnes, and Gordon Stone, all vying for the mayor’s chair in the community.

With a total of 934 votes by the night’s end, Coombs was the preferred candidate for the majority of people who cast a ballot. The incumbent mayoral candidate Barnes earned 531 votes and Stone, who served as a councillor for the last four years, had 284.

During an interview with The Compass following the results, Coombs expressed his excitement for the future of Harbour Grace, as well as his gratitude to the residents of the community, who he says were very welcoming during the campaigning process.

“I’m looking forward to getting back on council and doing what I can to put the town on the right path, and keep it there,” said Coombs. “I’m hoping that myself and the rest of council can work together, as a team, to do what’s best for our town.”

Coombs expressed similar intentions in a prior interview with The Compass, where he noted his desire to ensure the town’s financial

situation was in order, while also making certain that council remained a team.

Coombs will be sitting in council chambers for the next four years alongside elected council members Sonia Williams (962 votes), Kathy Tetford (958), Lyda Byrne (933), Paul Fitzgerald (805), Kevin Williams (640) and Shawn Vaters (675). Incumbent candidates Patrick Haire and Hayward Blake failed in their bids for reelection.

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