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Eastern Health receives Accreditation Canada’s highest rating after appeal

Eastern Health
Eastern Health

Eastern Health has successfully appealed its rating from Accreditation Canada and has received the highest designation.

The health authority announced on Oct. 18, 2017 that it was awarded a status of ‘Accredited with Commendation’ based on a compliance rate of 97 per cent for eligible criteria.

In a news release Thursday, Dec. 21, Eastern Health revealed it had since successfully demonstrated evidence a number of criteria originally deemed to be unmet during Accreditation Canada’s on-site survey visit in September of this year were met but not captured during the survey period.

It brought Eastern Health’s total of met criteria to 4,219 out of 4,343, resulting in the new designation of ‘Accredited with Exemplary Standing’.

Eastern Health president and CEO said the higher designation shows Eastern Health continues to improve the quality of care provided.

“Meeting national standards of excellence is an ongoing endeavour of Eastern Health, and we intend to build on this success for the greater benefit of our patients, clients, residents and their families,” he said.

Eastern Health says it will continue to work on a few remaining criteria for which Accreditation Canada has requested additional evidence of compliance.

They relate to infusion pumps, the involvement of clients and families in the processes of responding to rights violations, and the analysis of patient safety incidents.

Reports on those issues will be submitted to Accreditation Canada in February and August of 2018.

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