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Harbour Grace looking into cost of offering curling

The Town of Harbour Grace is taking its concerns about the playing surface at the Danny Cleary Community Centre back to the builder.
The cost of preparing the ice at the Danny Cleary Community Centre in Harbour Grace for curling would reportedly cost upwards of $8,000. - Compass file photo

Stadium manager suggesting preparing ice could reach $8,000




Some residents of Harbour Grace have come forward to the town council to express their disappointment that curling will not be going ahead this year.

During a regular meeting of council held on Monday, Sept. 10, Councillor Lyda Byrne brought forward the topic of curling, informing fellow council members that she had been approached by a number of residents who were dissatisfied to hear curling was not on the community centre’s schedule for the upcoming winter season.

“Apparently, they were promised that rings would go on the ice for curling, and now they were very disappointed to find out that those rings would not be coming,” Byrne explained, adding that she hoped to get back to these residents with a response as soon as possible.

Mayor Don Coombs explained that after speaking with Carl Dohey, stadium manager for the Danny Cleary Harbour Grace Community Centre, the cost of preparing the ice, as well as the stadium, for curling was something that could cost the town upwards of $8,000 – money that is not in the budget.

While Byrne said she would relay this message to the concerned residents, Coun. Kathy Tetford took the opportunity to state that she, too, had been approached by some unhappy residents about the lack of curling at the stadium this year.

“I’ve been asked about curling as well, and I’m sure (Dohey) has done his homework and knows what exactly would be costing $8,000, but I’d like a little bit more information on it as well,” she said. “I’d like to see a breakdown – what does this $8,000 entail?”

It was then that Tetford found out that the town does not in fact own the curling rocks that had been used in previous years. As Coombs explained it, it was not actually the town that purchased the rocks, but instead the curling association.

“The rocks were purchased by the curling association. Mr. Dohey was told he can use the rocks, but the town does not actually own them,” he explained.

Ultimately, Tetford saw the lack of curling this year as something of a letdown to residents who were anticipating it at the stadium. She made a motion on Sept. 10 to see a proper breakdown of what would be included in the $8,000 cost, and to see if there is any possibilities of lowering it.

“As far as I understand, mornings (at the stadium) aren’t very busy. If we can get curling on the go in the mornings, that’s just even more revenue for the stadium, right?” she said. “And at the end of the day, that’s the name of the game – revenue.”

After the motion had been carried, Coombs added that the information compiled by Dohey regarding the curling costs should be fairly easy to access for councillors.

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