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Harbour Grace preparing for January 31 budget deadline

Coun. Kathy Tetford (left) made a motion Monday night for Mayor Don Coombs to meet with Moore's Ambulance Services.
Coun. Kathy Tetford (left) and Mayor Don Coombs.

HARBOUR GRACE, NL — A relatively swift regular council meeting in Harbour Grace saw some updates on the impending 2018 budget, among other items.

The meeting, held Monday night, Jan. 15, clued up in about half an hour. Mayor Don Coombs and fellow councillors addressed topics such as upcoming meetings regarding the 2018 budget, which will likely determine the outcome of some new changes to the community.

The 2018 budget for Harbour Grace is currently in the works, with some numbers being crunched by finance committee chair Coun. Kathy Tetford and Town Clerk Michael Saccary, who are preparing for a Jan. 31 deadline.

With an upcoming trip to Guatemala, the Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue team have been reaching out to several municipalities, requesting donations for the trip. Harbour Grace was among that list of communities, and the donation was the first on the list of things addressed at the meeting that will be revisited once council has reviewed the 2018 budget.

Roadwork on McNamara Court is among those items to be revisited as well. The topic was brought up early in Monday night, when Coombs brought up some correspondence from people looking to have the road in the area fixed up.

“What we can do is have a look at what we may or may not have coming in gas tax money when we get our budgets done, and that’s really the best that we can provide people right now,” said Coombs, who also noted that, from the looks of it, the road could use some work.

Before the final adoption of the budget, the town’s finance committee plans to hold several.

“I think the first run was done this weekend past, so we should be able to get that in finance’s hands by midweek, and they’ll start meeting on it. Then, they’ll have something to bring back to the body of council,” said Coombs. “Let’s do it, and get it done properly,”

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