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Holyrood hopes to get early start on road work in 2019

Holyrood Coun. Jim Joy.
Holyrood Coun. Jim Joy.


The Town of Holyrood will be doing its best to get an early start on road work and water and sewer upgrades in 2019.

Coun. Jim Joy, chair of the infrastructure and planning committee, shared with his fellow council members details of a discussion held during a recent committee meeting held Jan. 17. There, the committee looked at major capital works projects in 2019, including paving and water and sewer upgrades. Joy said it’s hoped the town can start earlier in 2019 than in years past on some of this.

“I know obviously there are many factors sometimes in moving projects because of the necessary approvals that we have to get,” Joy said. “But where possible, we hope to move some of those projects earlier in the year.”

As the town found in 2018, sometimes projects scheduled for completion in a given calendar year do not always pan out. While a lot of paving work was completed last year, Joy also acknowledged the fact there were six paving projects that were not finished before the end of 2018.

“We have those projects planned now for the spring, but just to mention in conjunction with that, we have some new paving work that will be planned through available gas tax funding,” he said, adding there’s money in the budget to handle small sections of paving on a number of roads in the community.

“We hope to get those identified … and prioritized and to be able to move those ahead earlier in the year as well,” Joy said.

The town has a new work request flow system in place to help keep track of infrastructure work in Holyrood. Joy advised any member of council can report issues they observe to town foreman Chris Kelly.

“We will in turn then look at that and prioritize it and hopefully move it a little more quickly,” he said.


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