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Parsons Lane to become one-way street

Parsons Lane, viewed from the Water Street East end.
Parsons Lane, viewed from the Water Street East end. - Chris Lewis

Harbour Grace council alters rules for local street

Residents of Harbour Grace living on or near Parson’s Lane should prepare for some slight changes on how traffic will flow on that road in the near future.

During a regular council meeting on Monday, Sept. 10, Parsons Lane was brought into question after the road’s narrowness, mixed with the traffic it sees, was brought into question during Councillor Paul Fitzgerald’s public works committee report.

Parsons Lane is a short street connecting Kildare Road to the very end of Water Street East in Bear’s Cove, just before drivers come upon Mosquito Hill and the Pirate’s Path Trail.

Fitzgerald explained that he, as well as the town’s public works superintendent recently took a look at the road and spoke to several residents living in the area, as they looked into the possibility of making Parsons Lane a one-way street for local traffic only.

“Some are against, some are for it, it’s pretty mixed,” said Fitzgerald. “It’s a very narrow road – I would estimate it’s about eight-feet wide.”

Fitzgerald also noted that the idea of making Parsons Lane a one-way road was something residents came up with themselves and brought forward to council. He sees it as a good solution to the issues the road faces due to its small size.

Fitzgerald’s initial motion to council suggested that the road be entered via Kildare Road, as opposed to Water Street East, however, it was brought to council’s attention that during the winter season, the snow plow enters the street from the Water Street end.

Deputy Mayor Sonia Williams also mentioned that of the four houses located along the street, there was a two-to-one split between what residents wanted, with the fourth resident claiming it didn’t matter either way, though the majority seemed to be against the idea of making it a one-way.

“Just for discussion purposes, would making it a one-way street solve the problems?” asked Mayor Don Coombs.

Fitzgerald said this was the option that the public works committee felt would be the best route for them to take, given that the small measurements of the road made for some awkward situations when two vehicles are travelling in opposite directions along the road.

This led council to a new discussion as to what they could do to help remedy the issue, all while ensuring they did not simply create more problems for residents of Parsons Lane. Fitzgerald took this opportunity to note that regulations for a two-way street indicate that the road in question must be 20-feet wide – much wider than Parsons Lane.

Despite the lengthy discussion on the topic, council ultimately decided that the best route would be to go with Fitzgerald’s original motion, to make it a one-way street for local traffic only. In this scenario, Fitzgerald explained that local traffic would include those in the neighbourhood, since Parsons Lane is home to only four houses.

Although the decision was made, there was no further discussion at the meeting as to when the change would come into effect.

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