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Plans progressing to transfer wharf to Spaniard’s Bay council

The government wharf in Spaniard's Bay is presently in a state of disrepair.
This wharf near Bishop’s Cove Road in Spaniard’s Bay has been a safety concern for people in the area. The town council is hopeful the structure will be removed and replaced by next year. - Compass file photo

Town will take ownership once new structure is built


A process is currently underway that would see the Town of Spaniard’s Bay take over ownership of the wharf located just off Bishop’s Cove Road.

Currently the wharf, which has been in disrepair for some time, is owned by the province and Small Craft Harbours.

In August the federal government announced over $12 million in funding for Small Craft Harbours infrastructure on the Avalon.

Some of that money will be used to remove the old wharf, replace it with a new structure and then transfer ownership to the town.

To prepare for that, the town council has established a wharf committee.

Mayor Paul Brazil told The Compass the old wharf will be replaced by a newer, safer wharf, complete with a slipway and a small docking station.

“Once they get it built, and do the final inspections, then there’ll be an official transfer of ownership,” Brazil said. “We’re hoping that, before the next recreational fishery in 2019, the new wharf will be in place.”

The town’s newly formed wharf committee includes several members of the public, as well as a couple of members of the local harbour authority.

At the Oct. 1 council meeting, Coun. Paul Ryan was assigned as council’s liaison to the committee.

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