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RCMP Newfoundland and Labrador honours its best

The RCMP NL honoured its employees for service during its recent awards ceremony in St. John's.
The RCMP NL honoured its employees for service during its recent awards ceremony in St. John's. - Contributed

Awards handed out for bravery, outstanding contributions, years of service

St. John’s, N.L. — RCMP Corp. Jason Butler and Corp. David Hopkins — who both risked their lives to save others in dangerous situations — have been chosen recipients of the RCMP Commander’s Commendation for Bravery awards.

Butler swam into frigid waters to rescue a woman from drowning, while Hopkins showed composure and good judgment when he intervened to help save an erratic person who had been determined to harm himself.

They were among 34 RCMP Newfoundland and Labrador employees  — including police officers, civilian members and public service employees — who were honoured recently with RCMP NL awards for years of service and commendations for outstanding service and bravery.

The awards were presented by assistant commissioner Ches W. Parsons, commanding officer of RCMP NL. Commissioner Brenda Lucki, head of the RCMP in Canada, also attended the event.

“Newfoundland and Labrador’s RCMP is made up of talented men and women who collectively provide exemplary policing services for the residents and communities of this province,” Parsons said. “The award recipients have much to be proud of.”

The following other awards were presented:

Commander’s Commendation for Outstanding Service

Corp. Trevor Baldwin

Baldwin is officially commended for outstanding performance leading and supporting the RCMP contingent involved in the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo.

Corp. Dave Emberley

Emberley is officially commended for his significant contribution to the expert witness program. His input has helped to ensure public safety in both our province and our country.

Public Service Employee

Rhonda Harte-Pittman

Pittman was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the safety and well-being of RCMP employees and their families. Under her leadership, processes, policies and training have resulted in a change in RCMP culture. Her work ensured development of a health services team, which delivers an outstanding employee wellness program.

Long Service Award recipients

20 years

Supt. Holly Turton

Staff Sgt. Stefan Henri Thoms

Sgt. Tracy Lee Edwards

Corp. Michael Fewer

Corp. Rene Paul Ozon

Const. John Andrews

Civilian member Rick Wayne Hodge

Civilian member Edward Charles Newhook

Civilian member Mark Tucker

25 years

Supt. Patrick Adrian Cahill

Staff Sgt. Ignatius Columbus Hall

Staff Sgt. D. Kent Osmond

Sgt. William Beisler Frisby

Sgt. Anthony Gerard Griffiths

Sgt. Wendy Smith

Sgt. Larry Ernest Clarke Turner

Sgt. Kimball George Vardy

Corp. Benjamin Dyson

Corp. Tracy Horwood

Corp. Ann Margaret Noel

Civilian member Cynthia Nellie Parsons

Public service employee Stephanie Griffiths

Public service employee Gary Martin

30 years

Staff Sgt. Wayne Randell Edgecombe

Staff Sgt. Norman Randell Freeborn (ret’d)

Staff Sgt. Alan Bryan Warner

Sgt. Clarence Albert Rose

Const. Scott Thomas Thistle

Civilian member Mary Anne James (ret’d)

Civilian member Mary Ellisa Powell (ret’d)

35 years

Assist. Comm. Peter Frederick Gerald Clark, M.O.M.

Sgt. Faron Harnum

Supt. Victor Joseph Park (ret’d)

Const. Ed Rossiter (ret’d)

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