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UPDATE: Snow blocking Cupids' community mailboxes causing concerns

The snow in front of a set of Cupids community mailboxes has been cleared away.

Community mailboxes in Cupids have been blocked by snow, causing some to believe it's harzardous to get their mail.

A resident in the area has been making phone calls since yesterday trying to get a path shovelled.

Just after lunch time, she confirmed to The Compass that the mailboxes were now accessible.

She noted there is a new contractor responsible for the snow clearing operations, and was only notified yesterday of the new locations it would be responsible for.



Accessibility to community mailboxes this week in Cupids has caused some reaction in the community.

A heap of snow has been in front of the mailboxes located on the main road since the most recent snowfall Tuesday, Jan. 19.

One resident said she had to park her vehicle in the middle of the road and struggled to get over a snow bank to reach her mail. She called the situation a safety hazard.

The resident shared numerous photos on social media, which have been shared by more than a dozen locals. She has also made several phone calls to Canada Post, but had not heard back as of 11 a.m. Thursday.

Canada Post told The Compass they were looking into the situation Wednesday, but have not yet provided any information or a further update.

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