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Nain set to host Inuit Elders Conference

Nain — Courtesy of the Nunatsiavut Government
Nain — Courtesy of the Nunatsiavut Government - Contributed

'Reclaiming OUR Voices' is theme of event

NAIN, N.L. —

A biennial Inuit Elders conference begins this Monday, April 8 in Nain. The Nunatsiavut Government (NG), host of the event, says it’s an opportunity for elders to give suggestions, make recommendations and provide solutions on a variety of issues affecting them on a regular basis.

“Our elders and seniors play a very important role in our culture and way of life, and it is important that we engage with them as much as possible,” said Nunatsiavut President Johannes Lampe in a release. “They are crucial in helping to maintain our language and traditions which they pass on to our youth, and they provide guidance and wisdom and a different perspective on the challenges Inuit face on a daily basis.”

The event, called Reclaiming OUR Voices, will also feature discussions on cultural activities and practices, as well as a day on the land. NG says the conference empowers participants to remember and honour their strengths, to identify and address needs, issues and challenges, and to embrace positive change in Nunatsiavut.

“The conference aims to develop stronger relationships between elders and others in our communities so that we can reclaim our voices and be heard stronger than before,” added President Lampe.

The conference gets under way Monday evening with a meet-and-greet and wraps up with a feast on Thursday, April 11.

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